East African School of Library and Information Science

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Diploma in Library and Information Studies (DLIS)

Plans (Pathways)

For DLIS programme, all the courses from 1st to 2nd year are core. Students are required to do field attachment and produce a report at the end of the programme.

Programme aims and objectives

Programme aims

The programme aims at teaching students theory and practice in Library and Information Science at a para-professional level. The programme prepares and equips students with libraries, information centers, etc. management knowledge and skills.

Programme Objectives

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Train middle level library practitioners in the theory and practice of library and information centers management.
  • Supply library job market with para-professional human resources in Uganda, East Africa and beyond.
  • Provide an avenue for professional growth
  • Teach ethical  professional practice



Course Code Course Title CU LH PH CH
DLS 1106 Libraries in their social setting 3 45 0 45
BLS1111 Information Technology I 4 45 30 60
DLS 1107 Introduction to Classification: Theory and Practice 4 30 30 45
DLS 1108 Introduction to Cataloguing:  Theory and Practice 4 45 30 45
DLS 1109 Basic Accounts 4 45 30 60
Total CU 19      


Course Code Course Title CU LH PH CH
BLS1211 Information Technology II 4 45 30 60
BLS1205 Principles of Knowledge Organization 3 45 0 45
BLS1206 Publishing and Book Trade 3 45 0 45
BLS 1101 Principles of Records and Archives Management 3 45 0 45
BLS3120 Library Operations 3 30 30 45
BLS1105 Information and Society 3 45 0 45





Course Code Course Title CU LH PH CH
DLS  2106 Introduction to Community Information Services 4 45 30 60
DLS 2107 Specialized Information Services 4 45 30 45
DLS 2108 Stores and material management 4 45 30 60
DLS 2105 School Library Studies 4 45 30 60
BLS1106 Information literacy 3 30 30` 45




Course Code Course Title CU LH PH CH
DLS 2201 Introduction to Database Management 4 45 30 60
DLS 2206 Bibliographic Control 4 45 30 45
DLS 2207 Marketing of Information Services 4 45 30 60
DLS 2208 Project planning and management 4 45 30 60




Course Code Course Title CU LH PH CH
DLS 2205 Field Attachment 5   240  


Total Minimum Graduation CU Requirements

Year 1 Sem.1 CU Year 1 Sem. 2
Year 2 Sem. 1
Year 2 Sem. 2
Recess Term
19 19 19 16 5 78

Resources on the Ground

This section identifies, names and gives and evaluated school capacity of carrying out the planned programmes and courses. Facilities available for teaching and learning at EASLIS are stated below:

A.  Library Resources:  Teaching and Learning Materials

EASLIS library is part of Makerere University Library Service System as one of the branches. EASLIS students, like any other University students, have full access and use of resource available in Makerere University Library System with its center of activities in the main library. EASLIS students and staff make use of Makerere University Library system special and unique facilities specifically the International Development Agency (IDA) and Africana special collections including national and international agencies legal depository materials, abundant material in Reference Section for research, reprographic services, and bindery for demonstrations, research carrels for postgraduate research and private study and computer laboratories internet and other e-resources.

At EASLIS the Teaching and Learning Resource Center/Library has over 7,000 pertinent text and reference books, 175 titles of periodicals and scores of field work reports, Theses and Dissertations. In addition to these there are a computer laboratory for students study and learning, and computer workstations in staff offices.

Electronic Resources

The University subscribes to a number of online journals and databases most of them with full text journal articles and books. All University teaching and administrative units access Library electronic resources through a fiber optic cable enhanced intranet.
In addition EASLIS is connected to the Internet and Makerere University Local Area Network (LAN). It can access e-resources either ways.

B lecture space
Lecture Room 1                               91 Square meters
Lecture Room 2                               35        “           “
Lecture Room 4                               36        “           “
Computer Lecture Room                63        ”           “
Library / Lecture Room                   414     “           “
Seminar Room / Lecture Room       28        “           “

In addition to the above, EASLIS utilizes the learning space at Makerere University, which is managed centrally

C. Computer Labs

There are two laboratories, one for Postgraduate students and another one for undergraduate students. For undergraduate students, it is 63square meters in size to accommodate 40 computers.

D. Research Facilities

There are 20 functional computers, Media Technology unit containing 1 TV monitor, a video deck, and 2 LCD projectors. The school also has access to microfilming laboratory and the music digitization units of the main library.

E. Field Attachments

Students are attached to the field during the recess term for their hand on practical work in real environment. The school has a committee charged with students field Attachment and supervision.

F. Student Support

The school provides counseling services to students through Heads of Departments and the University Counseling Unit. The school also supports students through their umbrella body, Makerere University Library and Information Science Students Association (MULISSA). Students are also represented in the various management committees of the school, including the Finance Committee, Board of Studies, Anti-Sexual Harassment committee, etc.

G. Funding
The diploma programme is self sponsored through fees as shown in the budget presented below.

Student Type Diploma Tuition @ year @ student
Private – Evening DLIS 2,100,000=
Private – International DLIS 3,000,000

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